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CHARGE, Coalition Hub for Advancing Redistricting & Grassroots Engagement, is a space for groups that organize people in the states and in local communities. While each organization brings different skillsets, has presence in different states, and deploys different strategies, we are all united around the common goal that redistricting must be transformed to allow more voices to participate, be heard, and ultimately be represented.

We are committed to empowering people who have intentionally been excluded from voting and electoral politics to have a seat at the redistricting table.  We are grounded in the reality that, as important as this process is, redistricting is NOT at the top of most people’s minds and we need to build points of entry that meet people where they are. CHARGE has 9 organizations that work collaboratively to anchor the work: APIAVote, Center for Popular Democracy, Common Cause, Fair Count, League of Women Voters, Mi Familia Vota, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Congress of American Indians, and State Voices. Click on our logos to find out what we are doing to advance redistricting through grassroots engagement!”

Our Organizations